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DIY Studio: Crafter Resource. Artisan Playground, Eco-friendly Cheerleader

Re-posted from The Other Realm blog, by Lisa Anne

Remember art classes in school? We didn't have fancy projects that required expensive materials, and when we did we learned to conserve our paints and clay to make more projects and our materials last longer. In elementary school we made caterpillars from egg cartons and Christmas ornaments from pine cones. From these lessons came my basis of art and creation. Anything can be made into art and I should always save usable scraps of materials  from projects because you never know what beauty will come of it down the road.

Making paper ornaments from old encyclopedias

This feeling of creation, being able to make art from items you might be reluctant to throw away or even knowing that others will be able to use your craft supplies that were lying around unused for years are some of the wonderful feelings DIY Studio brings to Salem. Its like a giant art supply closet just for our city, run by volunteers. DIY Studio just had their official grand opening about a week ago in their new home on Liberty, on the same block as the Reed Opera House. The shop itself has been open in the mall for a few months, but has found a great new place in the Salem Art Building where Cherry Red used to be.

A new home, but the same studio feel. For a very reasonable fee you can become a member and use the studio as your own playground, so to speak. There are craft and art tools to use, book resources, artists are in and out all the time with opinions to share, and of course there is art to look at for inspiration (and to buy). Plus, you can always just come in and buy small or large amounts of all sorts of donated art supplies and goodies to use for art projects.

Co-founder Jessica Ramey works on a community art project

I highly recommend coming in and taking a class or two. They are fun classes that range from topics like jewelry to felting, and comics drawing to Victorian paper ornaments. Or you can schedule a birthday party or event of your own. Its fun to come in and volunteer too! The more artists involved, the bigger and better a resource DIY studio will become, and its already a pretty awesome resource.

Salem Arts Building
155 Liberty St NE, Ste 140
Salem OR 97301

Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 9:30 to 2:30 pm
Facebook Events:
Birthdays/events can be scheduled through appointments.  (971) 208-5869


  1. There's much fun to be had here at Jessica's space. I popped in for a felting class, and was so heartwarmed to see a family of four drop by, just for a little project time. Indeed, the more people involved -- either as artists sharing their talents, or regular peeps looking for some creative outlet -- the more momentum behind the project. And this is just the type of energy that ANY community needs, and Salem is lucky to have it. Get on board!

  2. As many Salemites have heard, DIY Studio has closed its brick and mortar reuse store. It is still operating as a non-profit, promoting creative reuse in the Salem Or area. Still offering some crafting classes, the studio will keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter (@DIYStudio1), the website and the new online magazine Thank you, everyone, for your continued support!


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