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Salem Police Department receives life-saving kits. Local community group donates trauma kits for police officers


News Release from Salem Police Dept.
Posted on FlashAlert: August 15th, 2013 4:43 PM
Photo/sound file: The trauma kits contain combat gauze, pressure dressing and a tourniquet.
Photo/sound file: (Center) Diane MacLaran, president of the Salem Police Foundation, presents trauma kits to patrol officers.
Photo/sound file: Salem Police Chief Jerry Moore and DC Steve Bellshaw
August 15, 2013: The Salem Police Department received today a generous gift by the Salem Police Foundation of 192 special-made trauma kits. The kits, comprising combat gauze, pressure dressing, and tourniquet, were distributed to all officers in an effort to equip them should traumatic medical incidents occur in the field.

Said Chief Moore of the donation project, "Day after day, night after night, they put themselves in harm's way and the fact that a group of citizens are willing to step up and look out for their safety, I think it means a great deal to our officers."

In August of 2012, Salem police officers assisted the Benton County Sheriff's Office in a pursuit and search of a suspect which ended in the exchange of gunfire injuring a sheriff's deputy, a Salem officer, and the suspect. In the one year after the incident, the group was able to raise sufficient monies to order, prepare, and distribute the kits.

Kits were given to officers at briefing and present were members of the Salem Police Foundation including foundation president Diane MacLaran. To the officers, MacLaran shared, "We are very proud of the work that you do and that we are very happy to be able to support you and to take on a project like this where we can equip you with things that you might need out in the field."

Deputy Chief Steve Bellshaw, who works closely with the foundation, described the group as very supportive of the department and it's officers. "Their work has been tireless in their volunteer efforts just to give us the things that maybe our budget can't afford and just to thank the officers," said Bellshaw.

The Salem Police Department extends its gratitude to the Salem Police Foundation and Salem community for the donation.
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Attached: B-Roll footage of Chief Moore and Deputy Chief Steve Bellshaw
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