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Salem Police Arrest Four At Wal-Mart

News Release from: Salem Police Dept.
Posted: January 17th, 2013 2:29 PM
Photo/sound file: http://www.flashalertnewswire.net/images/news/2013-01/1095/60961/Garman.jpg
Photo/sound file: http://www.flashalertnewswire.net/images/news/2013-01/1095/60961/Bogle.jpg
Photo/sound file: http://www.flashalertnewswire.net/images/news/2013-01/1095/60961/Cleveland.jpg
Photo/sound file: http://www.flashalertnewswire.net/images/news/2013-01/1095/60961/Jones.jpg

Following a brief forgery investigation by Salem Police detectives, four people were arrested in front of Wal-Mart, 5250 Commercial St SE, yesterday at about 1:30 PM. Lisa Diane Jones, 41 years of age, was charged with two counts of Forgery I, six counts of ID Theft, Criminal Possession of a Forgery Device, and Computer Crime. Carol Ann Cleveland, 51 years of age, was charged with Forgery I and ID Theft. Lloyd Wayne Bogle, 53 years of age, was charged with Forgery I. Billy Jack Garmin, 29 years of age, was charged with a Parole Violation. Cleveland, Jones, and Bogle have been living at 8372 Enchanted Way, Turner. Garman is also from the Salem area.

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