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Salem Police Celebrate Retirements and Promotions

News Release from: Salem Police Dept.
Posted: July 2nd, 2012 3:51 PM

The Salem Police Department celebrated the retirements of Sergeant Dave Carlson, Senior Officer Clem Spenner and Senior Officer John Behrens after over 81 years of combined service to the City of Salem. Corporal Jeff Wiedemann was also promoted to the rank of Sergeant.
The celebration was held at the Pringle Community Hall on June 29 and was hosted by Salem Police Chief Jerry Moore.

Sgt. Dave Carlson began his career in law enforcement with the Beaverton Police Department in 1978 and was hired by the Salem Police Department in 1993. During his career with the Beaverton Police he served as a patrol officer and canine handler. He was the Beaverton Police Officer of the Year in 1989 and was awarded the Oregon Peace Officers Association Medal of Valor, also in 1989.

During his career at the Salem Police Department, Sgt. Carlson has worked in the patrol division, as a Bomb Technician, Trauma Team member and training officer in several different areas including firearms, explosives disposal and field training for recruit officers. He was promoted to the rank of Corporal in 1999 and the rank of Sergeant in 2000. Sgt. Carlson has also worked as the Internal Affairs Sergeant and the Personnel and Training Sergeant. Sgt. Carlson is well known and recognized as an expert in the areas of field training for recruit officers and explosives disposal and is highly sought after as an instructor in these fields.

Senior Officer Clem Spenner began his law enforcement career as a cadet with the Stayton Police Department in 1972, then became a cadet with the Oregon State Police and also served in the US Army as a Military Police Officer before being hired by the Salem Police Department in December of 1981.

Senior Officer Spenner has worked as a patrol officer, as a Gang Enforcement Officer and in the Crime Prevention Unit, but he is most well known for his 22 years as a School Resource Officer in the Youth Services Unit. He was a charter member of the regional Student Threat Assessment Team, which has gained national attention, and also the Adult Threat Advisory Team. He is also recognized as an experienced Civil Investigator and Trauma Team member. Officer Spenner was the 2002 Exchange Club Officer of the Year and the Salem Police Association Officer of the year in 2011.

Senior Officer John Behrens has spent his entire career with the Salem Police Department and was hired on the same date as Senior Officer Spenner in December of 1981. He has worked as a patrol officer, detective and school resource officer, and has also been a member of the Hostage Negotiations Team, Trauma Team and as a Field Training Officer.

Sergeant Jeff Wiedemann was born and raised in Oregon, but began his law enforcement career with the Mesa, Arizona Police Department in 2001. He returned to Oregon and was hired by the Salem Police Department in 2004, then was promoted to the rank of Corporal in 2008. Sergeant Wiedemann has served in the patrol division and has been on the Salem SWAT Team. He is currently an instructor for Confrontational Simulations, is a Field Training Officer and has served on numerous committees addressing recruit officer training at the Salem Police Department. He will remain in the patrol division.

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