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Possible cougar sighting in S.Salem residential area determined not to a cougar.

News Release from: Salem Police Dept.
Posted: June 4th, 2012 5:00 PM

4:55pm, Monday 06/04/12

The Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife district biologist reviewed the photo's of the possible juvenile cougar taken last Friday, 06/01/12, in a South Salem backyard. The animal in the photo's were determined not to be that of a cougar.

The photo's may that of a Maine-Coon cat, which is a large domesticated cat, often weighing over twenty pounds and is noticeably larger than the normal house cat.

At 4:00 pm today, (Friday, 06/01/12), Patrol Officers responded to a report of a cougar laying in the backyard of a residence in the 2000 block of Browning Ave. S. The animal remained for another seven minutes before moving off and out of sight. The animal did not threaten the safety of those who saw it. This residential area borders wooded and undeveloped property.

Residents are asked to call Salem Police if other sitings are made or if the animal is seen resting or moving through residential areas. For safety,the public is asked not to approach or harass the animal and to keep small domestic animals inside at night. The public needs to keep in mind that the animal is a wild animal, can be unpredictable and therefore should not be confronted.

If additional sitings are made within the City of Salem, please call Salem Police at 503-588-6123 and provide specific information on the animals location, what it is doing, if it is threatening the safety of people or animals, or any other mannerisms. Salem Police have been in contact with the Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife and Game Officers of the Oregon State Police on possible methods in dealing with the situation.

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