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Salem Oregon Event Calendar now has it's own page!

This is really cool, Lisa Anne has put together a calendar of Salem events and created a site for it. If you know of anything, big or small, going on around town, send her an email to let her know what's going on. I'm thinking about sending her the date of my birthday. Maybe I'll get more presents?

The calendar puts the number of sites on the network at 48. Wow, I didn't expect the rapid growth and the variety of sites. The stats show that about 40 to 70 "unique visitors" are traveling through the site daily. Keep up the good work and be sure to bookmark!

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  1. Lol! SM - So are you offering to host a Salem wide event for your b-day?

    The posts for this new blog will be short and sweet, so when you "follow" the blog you'll be updated when new events are added or coming up.


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